Christian Aid: Cyclone Idai Appeal Update

Thank you to all who have generously responded to the Cyclone Idai Appeal so far, which has allowed us to help the survivors of this devastating disaster.

We have started and are continuing to respond to those who are in urgent need. Please hold a collection if you haven't had a chance to do so already.

What's happened so far?

Over a week ago, tropical Cyclone Idai struck Zimbabwe, Malawi and Mozambique, where over 3 million people are affected. 750 people have been killed, but with many people still missing, we expect the death toll to rise and is likely to be over 1,000. Christian Aid joined with the rest of the Disaster Emergency Committee to raise urgent funds and bring necessary assistance to the victims.

How are we responding?

People are in desperate need. In Malawi and Zimbabwe, we are working with local organisations to provide food, shelter, clothing, water, and healthcare.

In Malawi, we are focused on getting nutritious food to breastfeeding mothers, children under five, and pregnant women.

Why your support matters

With the roads blocked, no skilled attendants, and ambulances failing to reach her, Ginesi Comas, 17, gave birth to her first child - baby Marita - in a camp.

Her house was one of the 248 that were washed away by excessive rains and she said that for a week she had only been having one meal a day.

Ginesi is one of the breastfeeding mothers who Christian Aid handed over a 10kg bag of nutritious food to. Ginesi's story is one of willpower and hope. She is determined to rebuild her life and provide the best for her child.

Please continue supporting and sharing this appeal so we can help more people in need.

Thank you,

Nick Guttman

Nick Guttmann

Head of Humanitarian Division

The Church has approved an exciting and challenging proposal to develop our vision of the Church and Centre through the joining of our two buildings together.


In faith we have started a major fund raising project to see if this vision can become a reality and advance the buildings, the service and witness that they can provide into the 21st century.


More news to follow soon......


Overall Proposed Elevation 22 Feb 17

Vision for future development of the Grove Centre Church - Update 2

Vision for future development of the Grove Centre Church – update 1

Christian Aid Week 2018

The amount collected by the Grove Centre Church "House to House" collection is £781-16



We are glad to have very many nationalities represented in our church. In October 2010 the Brownies made banners for us showing the flags of all the countries - we keep on having to add more!

  flags 2012  

 How many can you recognise?


The mural

The Mural on the Nursey wall, designed and painted by Year 9 pupils at Sydenham School, Dartmouth Road

The inspiration for the left-hand picture on each panel was London, including Horniman's Museum and Crystal Palace, the middle sections (black and white) were the pupil's early memories of London, and the right hand pictures are abstract, inspired by the London underground map. Students were also inspired by artists they had been studying.

mural 2


mural 5

mural 4

mural 3