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October 2018 to March 2019

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Life Wins Cover

What does Easter mean to you? A festival of deep spiritual significance, or just another Spring weekend with a couple of bank holidays? A pivotal event in human history, or a good excuse to go a bit mad on chocolate?

For Christians, Easter celebrates the central event of human history: the death and return to life of Jesus Christ.

The evidence is compelling:

  • An empty tomb
  • Countless appearances of Jesus, referred to by the apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 15: 3-8.
  • A reborn and revitalised group of followers, prepared to face death and persecution because of their beliefs
  • A rapidly growing Early Church, charted through the book of Acts, leading to a global church of billions around the world today

If Jesus is alive, it changes everything: our attitude to life and death, our past, our present – and our future. It means death is not the end, and there is a life that lasts forever. Life wins!

It means we can know the Creator of the universe and live life as he intended it to be lived.

Join us the Easter to celebrate the most amazing news of all. Jesus is alive today and loves you more than you can imagine …

(Image and text used with permission from www.cpo.org.uk)

Join us to reflect and celebrate this Easter.

Palm Sunday 14 April

10:30am – Morning Worship. If you’d like to join us in processing with palm branches, come a bit early!

Maundy Thursday 18 April

7:30pm – We join with Holy Trinity Church at 4 Trinity Path, Sydenham Park, SE26 4EA

Good Friday 19 April

10:30am – Reflective Service in the Main Hall

3:00pm – Open House Easter Social in the House Hall

Easter Sunday 21 April

10:30am – All-age Service of Celebration in the Main Hall